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  Exploring Southwark and discovering its history

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In other parts of London, streets called Love Lane, Maiden Lane, Cock Lane etc reflect a history of prostitution, but surely not in Dulwich, where even the missing apostrophe in the sign has been added in with felt tip?  The Dulwich Estate map shows this tranquil pedestrian thoroughfare that connects Gallery Road and College Road in Dulwich Village as "Grove Walk" but, in Edwardian times, it was known informally as Lovers Walk and indeed postcards were produced of the country-like lane with that caption.  












The Dulwich Society approached the Dulwich Estate who own the freehold of the land with a view to adopting the Edwardian name and after negotiation the walkway officially became known as Lovers Walk once more. New signs were installed at each end in September 2012.  












Lovers Walk, Dulwich

Lovers walk 2 Lovers walk postcard Lovers walk sign

Lovers' Walk, connecting College Road and Gallery Road, just south of Dulwich Picture Gallery, SE21