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  Exploring Southwark and discovering its history

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Turney Road, Dulwich

"Mr G L Turney who in the absence of the vicar has acted as chairman of the vestry for several years past, was born in London in 1815.  He resided for fifteen years in the neighbouring parish of Newington, and in 1858 removed to Camberwell [Camberwell Grove] where he has since been closely identified with our local institutions.  He was first elected a member of the vestry in 1862, overseer of the poor in 1866, which office he filled for two years, then elected churchwarden of St Giles’s Church in 1868.  On his retirement from the churchwardenship a handsome testimonial on vellum was presented to him by members of the vestry, and in the same year he was elected guardian.  In 1871 he was chosen a governor of Dulwich College, and a member of the burial board in 1874.  

Turney Road Turney

One of the prettiest streets in Southwark, Turney Road was named in 1905 after George Leonard Turney, an energetic Vestryman and local dignitary in the 1860s and 1870s, a self-made man with a successful needle and pin factory in Tooley Street. W H Blanch in Ye Parish of Camberwell, published in 1877, writes about him as follows:

"He is a liberal supporter of all local charities, and takes an active part in the management of the Charity Organization Society.  Throughout his whole public career, Mr Turney has been known to take a fair and impartial view of all public questions; and though a man of strong opinions himself, he has never allowed his private feelings to influence him in the administration of public affairs.”