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  Exploring Southwark and discovering its history

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Copperfield Street Community Garden


It was created from the devastation caused by bombing in World War II on land that had formerly been part of All Hallow's Church. The Mission of All Hallows was founded in 1875 and jointly formed from the mother parishes of St Saviour’s and Christchurch to accommodate a rapidly expanding population. Building of the church was slow and it was not consecrated until 1892.


The church suffered great bomb damage during World War II and in 1957 a new smaller church accommodating 150 worshippers was built that incorporated the original lady chapel, the north aisle and crypt which were restored. A garden was formed from the remainder of the site and, when the church closed in 1971, local volunteers took over the care and tending of the garden, and it has been in their hands ever since.  A crucifix has been installed at the end of the garden on the original church altar.


All Hallows Churchyard

The Copperfield Street Community Garden is a tiny but delightful garden, a little off the beaten track. Located opposite a row of Octavia Hill rural-inspired cottages, it is a little pocket of peace in a bustling city.